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Welcome to INVISIBLE ASSISTANCE. I'm a Perth based Virtual Personal/Admin Assistant, available to help small business, professionals, sole traders & tradies.

Do you feel like you never stop working?

Do you work all day then do paperwork at night?

Do you have a 'To Do' list that never seems to get done?

Do you want expert help from someone who knows your business, but don't want another staff member?

If you need a personal assistant or admin help with your small business, I can offer you a personalised service. I'm based in Perth and will assist you virtually, but we can meet face to face if you prefer.

I'm a generalist with over 20 years' experience so I can learn how your business works and be your one-stop-shop for all things administration. I can either work with you to streamline how you do things and make you more efficient, or you can delegate tasks to me and I'll do them for you.

I provide virtual personal and admin assistance so I usually work remotely, but if you need me to organise your work space, or if you have office based work that needs to be done occasionally, I can do that too. You can access my services as often and for as long as required, so you'll always have help available when you need it. 

My objective is to free up your time. Time you can spend earning your income, building your business, or just being with your family and friends.

What tasks do you currently do yourself, that you would love to delegate to someone else?

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ultimate 'can do' attitude - nothing is ever too much trouble

Sharon's brief was to bring some form of control to the business and bring the accounts back from the brink. She did a spectacular job with the accounts and transformed the office from a room full of random paperwork into a fully functioning professional office, with all the procedures in place for the company to function as it should. She produced a comprehensive procedures manual and brought the OHS documents up to standard. Her role also encompassed staff training which she embraced with a real passion. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail meant that nothing was ever left to chance.

I cannot overstate Sharon's importance to this company and I know that she has the intelligence, work ethic and communications skills, to add immense value wherever she works. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Peter Kiely

Operations Manager