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I'm Sharon - a Virtual Assistant in Perth who will manage your office administration, so you can focus on the things that are important to you (building your business, earning your income, or spending time with family and friends).

I have over twenty years of experience managing administration for small business, government departments, and international organisations. I've worked in telecommunications, oil and gas, building and construction, insurance, and education.

With my extensive experience and a little help from current technology, I can complete almost any functional task where a physical presence is not required. Im 'Virtual' so you won't need to provide me with office space or equipment, and I pay my own insurance, superannuation and tax.

I love turning chaos into order and helping local business owners     achieve their goals -it's why I became a Virtual Assistant in Perth!

I'm organised (some would say obsessively so), love a good process (streamlined and documented with easy-to-follow steps of course) and colour-coded spreadsheets are pretty high on my list of favourite things (they make it so easy to find the information you're looking for).

I believe in keeping it simple - not over-complicating things, so I'm happy to work with your existing systems and processes if you have them. I will ask a lot of questions though because it's important to me that I know exactly what you need from me and why, so I can be sure to meet your expectations.


Provide traditional office management services virtually, using existing and emerging technology, to relieve the administrative burden so business owners can focus on what is important to them.


I try not to take life too seriously (it really is too short for that) and to live as authentically as possible. My values in business are the same as my values in life and form the basis of who I am and how I try to be.


I have a strong work ethic and strive to produce high-quality work that consistently meets expectations. If I make a commitment I honour it, and I take full accountability for my actions and results. I try to treat everyone equally and in the same manner I like to be treated, with warmth, respect, humour, kindness and compassion.


I am always looking for value for my money and I want my clients to think of my services that way too. I don't use software to track my time, because I don't believe this necessarily represents value for your money and I don't want to think of my clients in terms of 'billable hours'. Instead, I block out time to achieve your outcomes - I do keep an eye on the clock, but I'm happy to take calls outside of those times and won't bill you for every minute spent.


I quit corporate life because I wanted more balance. I love my work, but I also wanted more time to spend with family and friends, focus on my health and wellbeing and do the things I enjoy. I'm working towards living my dream and my hope is that by delegating their admin, my clients can achieve more balance in their lives too.



  • I'm a coffee snob - my favourite coffee is Kona Peaberry, which I hide in the freezer and only pull out for very special occasions. 

  • I have been a West Coast Eagles fan and member for over 30 years, I don't necessarily bleed blue and gold, but I do like to watch them play and was lucky enough to be at the MCG for their first Grand Final win in 1992.

  • I dream of doing a food and wine tour through Italy, France and Spain. 

  • When I was a kid, Dad used to bring home old forms so we could draw on the back. Not me - I used to fill out the forms, stamp them, and organise them for filing. Seems I was destined to work in admin, from a very young age.

  • My goals for 2024 include moving more and eating less, giving the kitchen a mini facelift, and making the garden low maintenance and water wise.

Miss Kona

  • I'm Sharon's Personal Assistant. I rescued her in 2021 and I make sure she doesn't spend too many hours at the computer or forget to eat.

  • I like going for walks in the park, long naps on the couch, making friends at the traffic lights when I'm out in the car, and sitting on my friends at school. I love a good snuggle and kisses on my head.

  • Food - I love it! Any kind of food will do really - if you're eating it, I will too. I even like salad and vegetables and lately I've been stealing the ripe tomatoes out of the vegie patch. My favourite things are broccolini stalks, yoghurt, and treats of any kind.

  • I don't like cats, or getting out of bed too early - I really don't like cats.

  • My goals are exploring new smells (I love a good sniff), keeping the cats away, hunting for lizards in the garden, and making sure the neighbourhood stays safe.

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