Virtual Administrator, Dog Lover & Self-Confessed Coffee Snob

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Virtual Administrator (Me) With My
Last Personal Assistant (Cleo)

I'm Sharon and I offer personalised Virtual Administration to professionals, tradies, small business and sole traders. Based in Perth's northern suburbs I’ve spent over 20 years managing the administration functions of international organisations, government departments and small business, working in the fields of telecommunications, oil and gas, building and construction, insurance and education.


With my extensive work experience and current technology, I can complete almost any functional task where a physical presence is not required and I’m a virtual administrator, so you won't need to provide me with office space or equipment. I’ll help you organise your administration so you have more time to focus on the things that matter to you. I'll work with you by looking at what needs to be done and implementing processes and systems to streamline the way work is completed. I can either provide training so you can work more efficiently yourself, or simply complete tasks on your behalf.

I love turning chaos into order and helping people achieve their goals!


I started Invisible Assistance in 2012 because I realised how many professionals, business owners and sole traders were spending time (often leisure or family time) struggling to complete administration tasks. For years, I had listened to them talk about the frustrating need to set aside time for administration - time which could be better spent actually earning their income, or with their family and friends. They all needed assistance with a whole range of activities and I knew I had the skills and experience to help.


My plan at that point was to work full time and provide virtual administration in my spare time. That worked great for a while, but the demands of my full time job eventually took over and I became one of the people I had started out wanting to help. I worked all day at my job, then came home to do administration after hours and that was never part of my plan.


Then last year happened and like most people I worked from home for several months during the Covid lockdown. It was a big wake up call for me. Without the commute of an hour each way, I had so much more time on my hands. I exercised more, experimented in the kitchen, re-engaged with old hobbies and did some of those jobs around the house that you put off until ‘one day’. I lived more simply, found the right balance for me and felt better than I had in years.


I was living my dream and wanted to make that permanent, so I took a voluntary redundancy when it was offered and woke up the business. Now I’m living the simple, balanced life I’ve always imagined and I get to help small business owners and sole traders get some of their work/life balance back too.


If you’d like to know how virtual administration can help you, or if you want information about my skills or experience, please get in touch. We can chat over the phone, email, or meet up for a coffee if you would prefer (a virtual meeting place is fine, so long as the coffee is real).

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5 Things About Me

  • The fur baby with me in the top picture is Princess Cleopatra Scaramooche - I always wanted a mongrel dog with an obnoxious name and it suited her perfectly. She always made sure I didn't spend too many hours at the computer and never let me forget a meal. My beautiful Cleo crossed over the rainbow bridge earlier this year and I miss her horribly. After much searching, I have found a new assistant and she has started her training, but she has big paws to fill and lots of learning still to do.​

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Meet Kona - Learner Assistant

  • I'm a coffee snob and I make no apologies for that. My favourite coffee is Kona Peaberry, which I hide in my freezer and only pull out for very special occasions. Yes - I named my new assistant after my favourite coffee (Kona also means 'Lady').

  • I dream of doing a food and wine tour through France, Italy and Spain (although I may end up stuck in the Champagne Region). I started learning French when Covid hit and while I'll probably never be terribly fluent, I’m hoping to at least be able to manage the important stuff.

  • I'm a West Coast Eagles fan and have been a member for over 25 years. I don't necessarily bleed blue and gold, but I do like to watch them play and was lucky enough to be at the Grand Final when they won in 1992 and 1994.

  • My goals for 2021 include trying Pilates, eating healthier, expanding my social and business networks, learning new things and exploring outside my comfort zone.